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20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI
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Magutdesign was created by a group of professionals who have a wide experience in the field of graphic design and visual communication. They aim at being a team that designs and produces traditional graphics and multimedia and at the same time being an operational observatory on new technologies that are deeply changing the world. The concept of multimedia that we want to state is broader if compared to the concept of communication related to digital media. Multimedia for us is an integrated project of visual communication. Nowadays the identity of a company, institution, product or service cannot be conveyed effectively on a single media.

Communication becomes increasingly multi-channel: various media, printed, digital and audiovisual, integrate with each other and must be synergistic and complementary. The communication project becomes a project of visual languages, of communication systems structured on the various channels. The new working method that we’d like to promote is more ethical and genuinely democratic, and is less tied to traditional forms. It’s based on the development and diffusion of knowledge and communication, promoting the net as an ever more important resource for everyone. Over the years we have also established a network of professionals: computer technicians, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, video-makers, musicians and many more, who may from time to time be involved in projects that require their specific skills. While choosing their collaborators the founders are also engaged in the training field giving priority to young graphic designers who face the job market for the first time.

  • Lodovico Gualzetti
  • Francesca Vanzetta
  • Andrea Schieppati
  • Laura Gaida
  • Dario Accanti
  • Paolo Accanti